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Interesting Marketing Strategy of a Developer on Steam

by tenderpuls

A developer who tried to attract the attention of the players with the mini game he developed, developed an impressive marketing strategy in his own way. The developer, who writes “Very Positive” on the game’s developer and publisher names, manages to confuse the players who come to the listing page.

An independent developer released a new game on Steam on January 10, 2020. “Emoji EvolutionThis game named “” is a very simple production. The aim of this game, which appears as a two-dimensional game, is to create something new by using the presented icons and reach the end of the game. with its developer about.

As Steam users know, released games on listing pages There is a section with user opinions about the game. Players also vote while giving their opinions about the games they have purchased and tried, and the general opinion of the players is also included in this section. However, the developer of the game Emoji Evolution has taken a wakeful attitude and named itself “Very Positive“, that is,” Very Positive. “This suggests that careless players think the general view of the game is good.

Here is the listing page on Steam for the game named Emoji Evolution

Vigilant developer, For 10,5 TL He seems to have implemented a good marketing strategy while editing both the publisher and the developer part of the purchasable game. As a result, if you do not enter the page and look carefully, you will see the phrase “Very Positive” more than once in the relevant section. The last opinion of the players about Emoji Evolution is “Mixed“. So the game was not liked very much.


Valve Released Steam China With Only 53 Games

Steam does not have the right to interfere with the names of the developers and publishers. However, the situation for this game is very it may not be like this we can say. Because the issue, which is among the contents of both our and the technology sites in other countries, will also activate Steam and intervention will come looks like.

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