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Iconic Scene of Up Movie, Revived in Real Life

by tenderpuls

A YouTube channel simulated the iconic scene of the animated movie Up. Trying to fly a house with dimensions like in the movie, the channel achieved its goal. However, it was not easy to realize such a madness as it was seen in the movie.

All moviegoers, released in 2009 Look up They know the movie (Up). This movie, which appeared as an animation and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, fascinated millions of moviegoers in those years. The most striking scene of the movie is a detached house connected with thousands of balloons, was traveling for miles. Could such a situation be true?

The YouTube channel Corridor Crew, with nearly 5 million subscribers, is actually the iconic scene of the movie Up is it possible simulated. In the tests, it became clear that that scene of the movie was actually possible. However, it was not possible to lift a house with balloons as seen in the movie. If much more and you can actually lift a house if you use strong balloons.

The scene in Look Up movie looked like this

According to the simulation prepared by the YouTube channel, if you want to lift a house in the air like in the movie, exactly 31 million 150 thousand 319 balloons must be used. However, to be honest, it is not possible to bring together such a large number of balloons and to connect them to a house. However, the YouTube channel has given the answer to a question that millions of people think of.


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Here’s a simulated version of that scene in the movie Up Look

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