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Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Will Never Open Again

by tenderpuls

Ned Segal, one of the Twitter executives, made statements about Donald Trump’s banned account. Stating that the decision taken does not change again, Segal stated that even if Donald Trump becomes president again, his account will not be reopened.

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, was engraved in our memory with what he did during the election period. With his explanations, he who said he wouldn’t accept Trump caused the people to revolt and attack the Capitol Building right after a rally he organized. The fear that things may get hotter with Trump’s statements social media giants Trump’s accounts, who were President at that time, were closed one by one.

Twitter was one of the leading companies that closed Donald Trump’s account. The platform first temporarily banned the account of the US president of those days, then permanent ban had done. Making a new statement on the subject, Twitter manager Ned Segal said, that you won’t change told.

The ban will not be lifted even if Donald Trump runs once again and wins the election

According to the statements made by Segal, any return for Donald Trump’s account, not even out of the question. Segal said that even if Trump is a candidate in the next elections and wins the elections, the decision will not change. Open your Twitter policies and it is the same for everyone.


Twitter Plans To Bring A Subscription To Tweetdeck And Tip System For Tweets

Former US President Donald Trump permanently banning Twitter, one of the controversial platform in Turkey. A short time ago entered our lives and “Social Media ActTwitter, which should appoint a representative to our country according to the law known as “, insists on not implementing this decision. Will come from Turkey looks like. In addition, Twitter’s restriction on a recent post by Süleyman Soylu continues to be one of the issues discussed in our country.

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