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10 Movies About Personality Divisions You Can Watch

by tenderpuls
Kişilik Bölünmesiyle İlgili İzleyebileceğiniz 10 Kaliteli Film

Human psychology is one of the most important materials of cinema. You either feel you are watching or you watch what is felt. In movies about split personality or multiple personality disorder, you experience both. In this week’s movie recommendations column, we present 10 movies but more than 10 characters.

Having two different personalities in the same body has been one of the constant focal points of psychology. While there are multiple types of personality split, there is solid evidence that it has been seen throughout history. Beliefs dating back to antiquity hold that psychic entities contaminate people with personality divisions.

Although the mystery of the consciousness of the brain is becoming more and more enlightened, this problem has not been avoided. Cinema is the best way to understand the data on personality division. All of the movies on the list that you will see today are in a way science fiction.

Without further ado, let’s look at movies that not only show the split of personality but also keep it alive.

Pervert (Psyco, 1960):

  • IMDb score: 8,5
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 97%

Cinema feeds on the past. Just like this movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. His films inspire popular movies and TV shows today. Psycho is a masterpiece that will not taste the same if it is taken again; Although it is old, it is a psychological thriller that must be followed.

Fight Club (1999):

  • IMDb score: 8,8
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 79%

We cure the list from legends. Fight Club is among the movies that you will contradict yourself if you are a cinema lover and don’t watch. If we write a single line on how it handles personality split, it will be heavy spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet, consider the fact that this movie is taught as a movie lesson in schools. Maybe even this will encourage you.

Black Swan (Black Swan, 2010):

  • IMDb score: 8,0
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 85%

The struggle of a ballet dancer who will take the lead role in the famous composer Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake play… What we have said may sound very artistic. That is the case … However, this film deals with an art branch that is boring to most people in such a way that it is almost impossible to get rid of its influence after it is over. The scenes and acts shot on personality division are enormous. Fear and tension keep you in the corner without ever waning.

Hidden Window (Secret Window, 2004):

  • IMDb score: 6.6
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 44%

There are many who think viewer ratings and critic reviews are unfair to this movie. Because the production based on Stephen King’s novel is one of the most immersive psychological thrillers of the 2000s. Johnny Depp, the star, is about a successful writer mixing his real life with the books he wrote after a while. Who is real and who is fake is a complete mystery. The knot solved with its finale is worth seeing once.

Me, Myself and My Valentine (Me, Myself & Irene, 2000):

  • IMDb score: 6.6
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 47%

Another movie that the evaluations are unfair is this comedy movie starring Jim Carrey. Yes, we see the personality split in this movie with comedy elements. We watch a pretty funny struggle of an ordinary man suffering from this problem, both with his own personalities and with other people.

Fragmented (Split, 2017):

  • IMDb score: 7.3
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 77%

In this movie, which can be watched both alone and in a trilogy, we watch the story of a man whose personality is divided not once, but many times. A couple, who has exactly 23 personalities, captures 3 young girls. When young people want to get rid of, they have to deal with a 24th character served by 23 people inside the man. James McAvoy gives acting lessons with instant character transitions.

We recommend Glass films that are about the pre-split of the Immortal and the after, and combine all the stories.

Mr. Brooks (Mr. Brooks, 2007):

  • IMDb score: 7.3
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 55%

In this movie, where a respected businessman is also a notorious killer, what we will see is more than good acting and fiction. This businessman trying to cope with his alter ego also inspired TV series such as Dexter. If you want to watch a crime and drama film about personality division, this is our recommendation.

Women of Beyza, 2007:

  • IMDb score: 6.2
  • Rotten Tomatoes grade:% – (No rating available)

It is very difficult to come across multiple personality disorder or psychological thrillers in Turkish movies. Demet Evgar fills eyes with his performance in this movie. We are watching how a woman who is happy and in love with her husband can suddenly change and what happens next. If you haven’t watched it, it must be said that you would be very surprised to see such a Turkish movie.

The Machinist (The Machinist, 2004):

  • IMDb score: 7.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 77%

If you don’t sleep for about 1 year, what will you live, what kind of person do you become? Christian Bale, who lost more than 30 kilos to star in this movie, gained all of his weight back for the first Batman movie. As a matter of fact, his state in this movie is never forgotten. It is difficult to find a more ambitious cinematography as to which bottomless wells of consciousness a remorse will drag one.

Dungeon Island (Shutter Island, 2010):

  • IMDb score: 8.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes note: 68%

There is no need to look for another movie that Leonardo Di Caprio didn’t get the Oscar for. We watch how the detective, who goes to investigate a murder in a mental hospital, finds himself in a mind-boggling game. The dose of tension never falls until the last scene. The film hits the bum of your heart and makes as much sound as it can make. You are the only one to hear that voice.

You may have noticed that movies that deal with split personality generally get low marks. This may be because the psychological thriller genre is not clearly understood by every viewer and critic, and there are always clear points in the films. Because if you have read it patiently, you are sure to be an audience that will love every one of the movies on the list.

Do not delay too much, good luck to everyone!

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