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Zack Snyder Shared A “Steppenwolf” Clip

by tenderpuls

Director Zack Snyder shared a short clip for Steppenwolf, who will be the “real” villain of the new 4-hour Justice League movie. As seen in the video, the new Steppenwolf will be a much more wild and metallic creature.

After the first Justice League movie, considered a major failure Justice League: Zack SnyderThere is about a month left until the meeting of the audience. Before the new trailer of the movie, a short Steppenwolf The director Zack Snyder, who released the clip, showed that they were reinterpreting the main villain of the movie.

The video, which is only 15 seconds long, shows a black and white Steppenwolf scene played on a monitor in the editing table. Steppenwolf, whose appearance has been completely renewed, is now much more metalliclooks majestic and “spooky”. Of course, looking at such a short section, it is not very possible to say “it happened”.

Zack Snyder, in the description of the video he shared, “This is Steppenwolf, wild as we expected.” used the expressions. It is difficult to predict how the new Steppenwolf will receive comments from the audience, but compared to the first film To a “bad” character It is possible to say that it looks much more like it.

The first Justice League movie directed by Joss Whedon had the age limit of “13+”. Justice League: Zack Snyder, almost seduced by Zack Snyder R-Rated (18+) It will appear as a movie. Therefore, we can guess that we will see much more brutality and evil in the movie.

Steppenwolf clip shared by Zack Snyder

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