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What Will Happen to Your Social Media Account When You Die?

by tenderpuls

Death is a reality that we can encounter at any moment. But did you know what will happen to your social media account when you die, reflecting many moments of your life?

We live most of our lives on the internet. Especially in our country, the rate of social media usage according to the population is many times higher than many countries. What we write here, the photos and stories we share can be considered a digital legacy in a sense. What if If we die, what will happen to our social media account?

Has a legacy feature on Facebook and Google

This question may sound a little far away, until it happens to you! The answer depends on the platform you use and your decision before you die. Facebook and Google offer you the ability to inherit your account; You can choose the person who will manage your account after you die. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, on the other hand, do not have any legacy. Unused accounts are either closed for 6 months of inactivity or deactivated if a family member contacts these institutions. For someone to inherit your account on Facebook and Google, you must set up your heir.

Your posts and correspondence on the Internet can also be turned into a chatbot by your friends after you die. Thanks to such a program, just like in an episode of the Black Mirror series; After you die, your friends can continue talking as your bot. We did not know if we said it was spooky or facilitating the mourning process. However, the blessing of technology can continue with us even after we die. Also, Facebook has the potential to become the world’s largest digital cemetery. The platform can achieve this thanks to its social network feature with the most members in the world. For more detailed information, you can watch the video below.

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