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We Were Here Released Free for PlayStation 4

by tenderpuls

“We Were Here”, which we first met in 2017 and managed to impress millions of players, was finally released today for PlayStation 4. The game, which can also be played on PlayStation 5, is offered free of charge for a short time. The sequels of the series will be added to PlayStation Store in the coming days.

Gamers were introduced to a game called “We Were Here” in 2017. It was stated that the PlayStation versions of this game, which was released first for PC and then for Xbox, will also come. The adventure game, which was expected today and has become a series for years, has also been released for PlayStation 4 owners. Moreover, Sony announced that this game will be completely free for a short time.

We Were Here is a game that PC owners can already get for free. However, Xbox owners have to pay 14 TL if they want to buy this game. PlayStation 4 owners, on the other hand, have the opportunity to have the game for free, especially for the release. In this way, players will be able to get We Were Here, which had a big impact during the publishing period, at no cost.

The sequel of the series will also be added to PlayStation Store in the coming days.

The We Were Here series is a production consisting of three games in total. After the game called We Were Here, which gave its name to the series, the developer team released two more games, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together. According to the statements made by Sony, the other two games in the series will take their place on PlayStation Store as of February 23. In addition, all three games of the series will be available on PlayStation 5.

We Were Here, a first-person adventure game, is about solving all the mysteries in a grand castle. In the game to be played as a co-op, you will try to get out of the castle by interacting with your partner and combining the pieces offered to you. Interaction in the game is provided by using a radio and sound.

We Were Here

We Were Here and We Were Here Too take place in a castle called Castle Rock. However, the third game in the series is out of this castle. Sony states that it is working diligently for the third game of the series and that a unique experience will be offered to the players. However, as we just mentioned, if you want to play the second and third game of the series, you have to wait until February 23.

If you also want to have We Were Here published for PlayStation 4 for free, you can access the PlayStation Store page of the game by using the link here.

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