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SpaceX’s Starlink Project Officially Opened Today

by tenderpuls

Starlink, SpaceX’s project to provide internet connection with satellite, is officially launched today. Users who enroll in the beta program and have an internet kit can start using the internet offered by Starlink.

SpaceX’s satellite internet project named Starlink for a long time is now officially in our life. In a news we shared with you a short while ago, we mentioned that a public beta process will begin within the scope of the Starlink project. This process has officially begun as of now. Users participating in the beta program, the Internet offered by Starlink they can start using.

The Starlink project aims to cover the earth with around 4,400 satellites. With the launches made so far, these satellites 1,085 of them placed in orbit. SpaceX plans to put a total of 1,440 satellites into orbit, 120 each month this year. This means users, a little better every month it means an internet experience will be offered.

Starlink, threatening service providers in Turkey, though prices can yakıyor

Starlink project that users participating in the beta program can use as of today, in Turkey is closely followed by users. However, SpaceX, under the direction of Elon Musk, is asking for serious money for this project. For example, the price of the kit used to get internet from Starlink satellites 499 dollars as announced. To use internet connection after purchasing this kit $ 99 per month payment is required. If Elon Musk, the region implements a special pricing policy and it can offer in terms of dollars per the figures released some, probably all internet service providers in Turkey will be doomed to bankruptcy …


SpaceX Announces that Starlink User Count exceeded 10,000

According to SpaceX’s claims, the internet connection established through Starlink offers users data download speeds in the range of 50 MB / S to 150 MB / S. System latency is only 20 ms to 40 ms varies in range. According to SpaceX, although users will receive an increasingly better service, they will sometimes be internet outages they will meet with. The reason for this is that the project and the satellite launch process continue. Fortunately, the company clearly states that there will be disruptions in the internet.

Starlink internet kit comes as follows


Using the Internet offered by Starlink, the above scarce is possible with. The kit, consisting of several parts, seems to impress users with its easy installation and controllability via mobile applications. By the way, SpaceX, which has also updated on Starlink’s website, is now user comments and also offers mobile application connections of the Starlink internet kit.

All detailed information about the Starlink project there You can reach via the link.

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