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Second Largest Whale Species Seen in Adana [Video]

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The fishermen, who sailed from the Karataş district of Adana and moved about 16 kilometers from the shore, recorded those moments when they saw a whale passing by their boat. According to the statements made, the corrugated whale species in question is known as the second largest whale species in the world.

The other day, an extremely surprising incident took place off the coast of Adana’s Karataş district. The fishermen, who are cruising in a fishing boat about 16 kilometers off the coast, have a boat with a length of about 15 meters right next to the boat. grooved whale They realized that it was passing and immediately took their cell phones and recorded these special moments.

Cukurova University Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Marine Biology Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Cem Çevik said that the name of the slot whale in the world of science in the video “balenooptera physalusHe stated that the members of this species living in the Mediterranean are generally found off the coast of Italy and France.

“They have permanent populations in those areas (off Italy and France)” said Prof. Dr. Regarding the presence of the nimble cork whales in the Mediterranean, “We can say the north of the Western Mediterranean. In the Sardinian islands. It has a population around it. There is a Mediterranean population. Especially in winter, some of them are they wander one by one He spoke in the form.

Making a statement regarding the appearance of the mentioned species off Adana, Prof. Dr. Agile, “They migrate to the east for proper nutrition. As the weather gets warmer, they turn to the west side again. Perhaps they come frequently, as their observations are usually carried out by aircraft. We cannot see them. Because detecting them is random or It is reported by fishermen. Or sometimes they run ashore “ said.

grooved whale

Stating that adult individuals of corrugated whales can reach a length of 25-27 meters, Prof. Dr. Cem Cevik, “Second largest whale species in the world. The first is the blue whale. Younger ones can be between 15 and 17 meters. It was 10.5 meters that landed here in 2000. It was a small individual, after all It grows up to 27 meters. They are especially fed with small fish, anchovies, horse mackerel and sardines. They feed by opening their mouths and swallowing in one go. In fact, there is plenty of plastic in our seas. If there is plenty of plastic in that area, they also swallow them together. used the expressions.

Underlining that whales do not pose a threat to humans, Prof. Dr. Agile, One part protected these whales. These kinds of observations are important. In terms of science, such findings are important because we cannot make observations with aircraft, unfortunately, because there is very little scientific work on this subject. If those friends had not seen this by chance, we would not have seen it come and spread here. Is not there anybody if de sa ‘in Turkey coast whale?’ we would say ‘no’. These are important things in terms of recording ” said.


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Reminding that the corrugated whales were stranded on the Yumurtalık beach in Adana in 2000, Prof. Dr. Agile, “That whale was over 10 meters, too. We even did the first intervention. We studied the whale, we did an autopsy. This species was later declared dead by parasites. Even that kind Turkish Marine Research Foundation ”with the skeleton removed awaits the visitors ” He completed his statements with his statements.

Video of the corrugated whale seen by fishermen off Adana

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