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Password Change Alert from Slack

by tenderpuls

Slack, one of the popular platforms for internal correspondence and communication, sent an email to some Android users recommending them to change their passwords. This was due to an error Slack encountered, storing passwords in plain text.

One of the frequently used platforms in terms of internal communication, Slack, recently released an update for the Android application. However, this update has brought along an error in passwords in plain text.

The company also sent a warning email to Android users affected by this error, while saying there was no evidence of their credentials being exposed. In the e-mail sent, users change their passwords It was stated that it should.

Some users have been asked to change their passwords

The company sent an email to its affected users with a link to the password update screen directly. Phishing Although a similar method was used in the so-called hacking method, it was understood that these e-mails were sent from the official Slack account, although it was approached with suspicion.

In the e-mail sent, it was stated that on December 21, 2020, they were notified that there were errors in some versions of Android applications, the problem was detected on January 20, and the problem was resolved on January 21. Released Android app that fixes this problem and versions with errors have been removed specified.

It was stated that the users who received the e-mail had to change their password and a new password should be determined, which is complex and strong. Also, the recordings on the device manual deletion It was also specified. For this, all data can be deleted by following Settings> Applications> Slack> Storage> Delete Data. Later, you can log in to the application with a new password.


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Slack, very few users stated that he was affected by this error. If you are also a Slack user and you have not received such an e-mail, then there is no problem in your account. However, if you are one of those who are still thinking about what happens, you can change your password by visiting Slack’s website. Of course, it is a fairly simple mistake for a platform like Slack with millions of users to store user passwords in plain text. However, Slack will neither be the first nor the last in this regard.

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