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New Patent for LG’s Wrap-up Screen Phone

by tenderpuls

A new patent has emerged, which is thought to belong to the huggable screen phone announced by LG as part of CES 2021. This patent reveals in more detail how the phone might look, many of which are still hidden.

South Korean technology giant, which has been spoken to withdraw from the smartphone industry for a while LGA new smartphone patent has appeared. This patent, the company shared its first information in January with wrap-around screen thought to belong to the phone and reveal new information about the device.

The patent approved by the China National Intellectual Property Administration and which has come to light as of today, is the company’s upcoming phone. on how you might look offers new details. The most striking of these details is about the camera setup of the phone. The images in the patent show that this phone is placed vertically. to triple camera setup reveals that he will have. In addition, this phone has a screen that can be used on the back. This means that the back camera of the phone will also be used as a front camera.

LG’s huggable screen phone will look like this

LG’s main reason for adopting the wrap-around screen design is that it there will be no wrinkles to be. The company announced that there would be an automatic mechanism while promoting the phone, and the user would not deal with anything. Along with these impressive features, the fact that there is a second screen on the back of the phone, LG’s huggable screen phone will put you ahead of your rivals looks like.


One of the things that draws attention to the patent is any your physical key but the situation is not the first in the smartphone industry. Some models, such as the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, added virtual buttons instead of physical keys by enlarging the curved screen. This is about trying things we haven’t seen so far on LG’s upcoming smartphone. that you are determined It comes across as an indicator.


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