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iPhone’s Health App Reveals a Murder

by tenderpuls

The Health application, which comes preloaded on iPhones, led to the illumination of a murder. The investigation, which was launched after a woman was found dead in front of her home, was clarified by the detection of only 18-step recording on her husband’s iPhone. The unfortunate woman was killed by her husband.

Smart phones have become available in almost every field today. In this context, using smart phones our state of health we can even follow. On the other hand, the collected user data has started to prevent things from being hidden. This time, the Health app on an iPhone the clarification of the murder provided.

On January 12, 2018, a 42-year-old woman named Kathleen West was standing outside her home. found dead. The lifeless body found by chance by someone passing by has naturally become the subject of an investigation. Reaching the unfortunate woman’s husband, law enforcement officials decided that 47-year-old Jeff West, the wife of the woman, be included in the investigation and testified. According to the murder suspect wife, Kathleen, probably lost his balance, lost his balance and he died due to his trauma. Expressing that they drank excessively on the night of the incident, Jeff West said that he was infiltrated. that you do not know had said.

According to prosecutors, Kathleen West had a different personality known

Prosecutors, who continued their investigations within the scope of the investigation, found interesting information about the woman who died. According to reports, Kathleen West is her own erotic images It was selling on the internet. In addition, this woman had a serious alcohol problem. Jeff West from this situation of his wife was complaining and he was voicing this frequently. In the light of this information, the authorities, who expanded the scope of the investigation, no ordinary death they detected.


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Receiving information from people in the area where the West family lives, the investigation team found out that there was an argument the night of the incident. On top of that, the experts who enlightened that night, the two of them after drinking alcohol that they started to fightthat the unfortunate woman threw herself into the street with almost no clothes on, Jeff West’s that you threw your iPhone in the street they detected. The man who came out after his wife hit his head with the liquor bottle in his hand, which led to the death of the woman. Jeff West then bought the iPhone he threw out on the street. he returned home. So how was this murder illuminated? Where was the Health app of iPhone in this process?

iPhone Health App

Jeff West, the hour the day his wife died Around 22:30 He declared that he was falling asleep. However, the Health application installed on the iPhone, after 23:00 18 steps taken was showing. The fact that the phone was recording my name at that time meant the man was lying. The man with no escape, the murder he committed confess had to. The court jury sentenced Jeff West to 16 years in prison.

It is not the first time that smartphones are shedding light on murders. An iPhone before, United KingdomHe had illuminated a murder committed in.

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