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Internet Searches Made by Children During Vacation

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Kaspersky Safekids’ new study shows where children spend the most time on the internet and what searches they make during their winter break. YouTube is one of the platforms where children spend the most time.

According to a new study published by Kaspersky Safe Kids, children During the winter holiday 2020-2021 spent most of his time on the Internet. YouTube and TikTok It was announced that the children, who showed great interest in platforms such as platforms, search the internet most during their holidays.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Anonymous calls made by users between December 20 and January 10, on mobile phones and desktop computers Bing, Google, Mail.ru, Yahoo !, Yandex and YouTube Includes calls made via.

What did children search the internet most during the winter vacation?

Most popular searches during this period, according to the data released YouTube (21 percent), game (15 percent), Translation tools (11 percent), Contact platforms (10 percent) and music (9 percent). Children often on YouTube video games while searching (37 percent), playing different games (39 percent) game publishers channels and Minecraft Certain games such as (19 percent) featured in these searches. Among other games most in demand on YouTube Among Base, Brawl Stars and Gacha Life takes place.

The second prominent search category on YouTube is some with 21 percent bloggers or with channels was about. 5-Minute Crafts, 123 GO! and Troom Troom The prominence of such channels shows that the tendency to produce something on its own has become very popular among children.

The third most popular YouTube search category is music happened. At this point, the most sought-after musicians are from K-pop groups BlackPink and BTS, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and rapper Travis Scott happened. The most popular songs are ‘Baby Shark ‘, ‘Dance Monkey ‘ and ‘Savage Love ‘ as announced.

The guys sought out musicians and bloggers as well as other famous personalities. 45th President of the USA Donald Trump, actress Emma Watson and business person Elon Musk Names such as call numbers surpassed other vowels.

TikTok is increasing its popularity among kids:

Another platform that attracted great attention of children during this winter holiday, with 800 million monthly active users in more than 150 countries. TikTok happened. During the holidays, the kids searched for ‘TikTok mix, certain TikTok users and’ How to change TikTokTa restricted mods’. However ‘Try not to laugh’ The fight named came to the fore especially in German searches.

Commenting on the statement, Anna Larkina, Kaspersky Web Content Analyst, said:

Yourself do The popularity of the (DIY) trend shows that children still love handmade craftsmanship. Passion for Gacha Life facilitates storytelling and cartoon making skills. TikTok While inspiring children to make creative videos, Korean pop stars attract children by teaching dance moves with their video clips. Kids who do not know a world today without video games, YouTube and messaging apps, any epidemic manages to entertain themselves without regard. As adults, we must learn from them. “


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In addition, to help parents make the online experience beneficial and safe for their children, the statement included the following statements:

“To support children’s creativity and self-expression skills Encourage using the digital environment. For example, you can suggest that they play action-based dance games or participate in video contests together. You can ensure your safety by keeping your child’s account private. TikTok recently parent control feature of updated. Find out more about your children’s interests. Kaspersky Safe Kids can provide you with regular reports on what your kids spend time with. The application analyzes your children’s online search activity and without touching their personal space manages screen time. “

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