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High Tax on Phones is on the Agenda of Social Media

by tenderpuls

The high taxes levied on smartphones were once again on the agenda of social media. As a result of the debate sparked by the statements of journalist Cüneyt Özdemir, many social media users expressed their opinions with the #iPhone 6 tag.

In recent years, both the increasing exchange rates and high taxes smart phone prices began to burn mobile because of. The price of flagship smartphones It has already exceeded the 10 thousand TL band and reached 20 thousand for a smartphone in the middle segment of the citizen at least 3-4 thousand TL he has to sacrifice. As such, smart phones are now seen as luxury in our country.

Tax rates on smartphones, Journalist Cüneyt Özdemir’s“How much did you get the phone in your pocket?” to answer “It didn’t seem strange to me; on the one hand, you don’t have 5 cents and on the other hand you buy an iPhone 6” came up again with his comment.

‘A mobile phone with a customs entry of 2,000 TL is sold for 3,993 TL, excluding dealer profits’

Following this comment by Cüneyt Özdemir #iPhone 6 tag sat on the agenda of Twitter. Making such a statement over the price of a phone that would not be considered as outrageous in today’s conditions drew the reaction of Twitter users.

One of the names involved in the subject is that Twitter users will be familiar with Tax Specialist Ozan Bingöl happened. Bingol, Turkey a share of his input has announced that it received a phone dealer for how much tax profit excluding the $ 2,000. Bingöl’s explanation is as follows:

“A citizen for a mobile phone with a customs entry of 2,000 TL;

  • 1% Ministry of Culture share 20₺ (2.020₺)
  • 10% TRT bandrol fee 202₺ (2.222₺)
  • 50% SCT 1.111₺ (3.333₺)
  • Then 18% VAT 600₺

2.000₺ customs entry phone pays 1.933₺ ​​tax and 3.933₺ ​​excluding dealer profit. “


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Social media users criticized high taxes on phones:

With the issue flaring up again social media users criticized the high taxes levied on phones. Some of the posts are as follows:

iPhone 6 tweet

iPhone 6 tweet

iPhone 6 tweet

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