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Google Preparing to Open Fi VPN to iPhone Subscribers

by tenderpuls

Google finally opens the Fi VPN, which it launched its project years ago, for iPhone subscribers. Google’s slightly salty VPN will be available for iPhone users in the spring of this year.

Google’s MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Mobile Virtual Network Operator) offers a virtual secret network, better known as VPN, as its name suggests. Company, Safe Internet Day is preparing to offer Google Fi VPN to iPhone subscribers.

According to Google’s definition Fi VPN You can watch videos, surf the internet and download over an encrypted, private connection. Websites cannot use IP addresses to track users. You become protected against hackers even on unsecured networks.

Google Fi VPN is coming to iPhone subscribers too

This Android VPN has been in beta for the past two years. Google is taking this service into preview. VPN will offer performance improvements that enable faster and stronger connections. According to the statement made by Google, already data more than 226TB each day guarantees.

Google’s offering of Fi VPN to iPhone users is seen as an important step for the equality of both operating systems. Also for iOS users of this VPN in spring this year It is stated that it will be presented.

It should be noted that this service of Google is a bit salty. Google Fi VPNhas two payment plans, one flexible and one unlimited. The flexible package offers unlimited calling / messaging for $ 20 per month, while paying $ 10 per GB spent. 70 dollars per month The unlimited package limits after 22 GB. Storage and international calls can also be made in this package.


How to Solve the ‘Opera VPN Not Working’ Issue?

Fi VPN won the advanced network option in November 2018. This feature would enable VPN and automatically switch to mobile data when the Wi-Fi connection was bad. A year later, to devices other than Pixel encrypting phone traffic features like it had come.

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