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Godzilla vs Kong new trailer released for Japan

by tenderpuls
Japonya'ya Özel Godzilla vs Kong'un Yeni Bir Fragmanı Yayınlandı

A new trailer for the Godzilla vs Kong movie, which will be released next March, has been released in Japan. Godzilla appears to slapping Kong in the new trailer, which has extremely similar scenes to the previous trailer.

Godzilla vs. On the Kong movie A new trailer in Japan published. Although the new trailer is very similar to the previous trailer, Godzilla slapped Kong a good is seen.

If you remember, a YouTube channel recently shared details on how the movie will end. If the claims are true, in most Kong Godzilla encounters we see, Kong is actually with a robot godzilla may be fighting.

The new trailer released:

Godzilla vs Kong, starring Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Kyle Chandler 4.film it will be. Many claims and theories were made about the highly anticipated movie, but the most ambitious details so far are from a YouTube channel called WorldofGeekdom. came.


According to Science, Which Won The Godzilla vs Kong War?

Obviously, there is no clue about the robot Godzilla in the two trailers both published in the past weeks and released for Japan. In the plot revealed, Kong will go on a new adventure with an orphan girl in order to find his own home, but That Godzilla will prevent it had been said.

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