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A Project Aiming to Bring Pet Owners Together

by tenderpuls

Turkish developers are working on a mobile application project that aims to bring animal owners together. The project called “SweetMate” appears as a social network specially designed for animal owners.

Independent Turkish developers aim to bring together animal lovers in our country. mobile app they are developing. This application, which you can think of as a social media platform, allows us to share with our little friends, find friends and even about health problems It aims to have information and to enable us to take action when necessary.

Users, after completion, will be added to the Google Play Store and App Store, and also to access the application that will serve as a website, just like forum sites. They will open membership. Members who are members of the project “SweetMate“They will be able to benefit from all the blessings of this application, which is named as”. Moreover, users can constantly in interaction they may be.

The version in development of the application looks like this for now

Finding a friend for his little friend, the user has started to meet with other pet owners location shares Besides being able to do, they will be able to make audio or video calls. In this way, it will be easier for our friends to come together and our friends who are away from each other will be able to see each other even from a distance.


The developer team has developed the social network for animal owners further in the future. develop wants. Talking about their future plans in this context, the team express that they want to design a chip that will work integrated with the application. These chips on the leash of the animals location provider sensors will allow you to follow your little friend. The team aims to minimize the loss cases with these leashes.

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