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A New Issue Appears in PS5 DualSense

by tenderpuls

The analog stick slip issue, which is a common problem with almost all game handles, also appeared on the PS5 joystick DualSense. The problem is; This problem, which occurs as a result of long use under normal conditions, can manifest itself after only 10 days of use on the PS5.

Nintendo’s portable game console that unexpectedly took the market by storm Nintendo SwitchShortly after its release in 2017 “Joy-Con drift” (Joy-Con drift) There was a problem called. In the issue in question, Joy-Con’s analog control sticks, the controller of Nintendo Switch, were ruining the gaming experience by sending commands to games even when players didn’t touch them.

A Joy-Con drift-like issue is now also for Nintendo, which created quite a headache and eventually a process of apologizing to the players. PlayStation 5official joystick of DualSenseIt originated in. When we look at some of the complaints and shared videos under the PS5 topic on Reddit, we see that DualSense’s analog sticks send commands to the game even when the players do not touch them.

PS5 DualSense’s analog sticks send commands to games by itself

After long use analog stick sending commands to the game by itselfcan be considered a common problem of many joysticks. Because even your me who wrote the news, I had the problem of analog stick sending commands by itself in many different joysticks. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the “long use” expression here, because EverGreatestxX The Reddit user named Reddit states that he started experiencing the analog stick shift problem only 10 days after he bought the PS5.

also Verity21 and ktg15 We can see the analog stick shift problem more clearly when we look at the videos shared by Reddit users named Reddit. EverGreatestxX, to solve the problem in question, turn Bluetooth off and on, Reset the DualSenseHe states that he tried to turn the PS5 off and on, and even to charge the DualSense overnight in case of a possible low battery, but with no results.


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If you currently have analog stick drift problem in DualSense Sony Support It looks like you have no choice but to reach out to his team. The good news is that Sony has seen the analog stick shift problem, at least in the US under warranty. Therefore, the problem can be fixed by Sony itself. It is not known how many of all PS5 players have encountered such a problem so far.

One of the videos on YouTube showing the PS5 DualSense slipping issue

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