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A Native Application That Solves The Problems You Cannot Solve for Instructors

by tenderpuls

Nowadays, we use many mobile applications that make our lives easier. However, most of these applications have been published by foreign developers. Whereas Turkish entrepreneurs useful mobile applications developed by their teams are available or developed in application stores.

We, too, to draw attention to local practices and to tell you about these applications “100% Turkish Job“We have launched a new video series named” Fobito YouTube channel, the first guest of our new video series, which can be used by anyone preparing for YKS, KPSS, ALES and other ÖSYM exams. “Beaver“it happened.

You can clarify any question that arises in your mind:

Kunduz, questions you do not understand, do not fully comprehend how you solve or cannot solve at all. clearly explained provides. Those who solve the questions directly experts or teachers is happening. After sharing a question you stuck with in the application, you can learn the solution of the problem within minutes.

Until today Over 1 million mobile users Downloaded by Kunduz, received extremely positive reviews from both Android and iOS users. The app is out of 5 in the Google Play Store 4.3; In the AppStore Getting 4.6 points succeeded. In addition, the application is in the education category in the AppStore. 8th most popular app located in.

Kunduz, which is used by many users abroad, also allows you to see which questions and topics the other users who will take the same exam work on. In addition, on the topics you do not understand in the application, the to online courses you can join

In Kunduz, which you can download from the links below to your mobile devices, we have provided you with an opportunity to experience the application in a good way. To earn 20 TL discount in practice “WEBTEKNO” discount code You can apply.

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