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5 must-have calendar apps on your phone

by tenderpuls

Saving both daily routines and business-related future plans through an application makes human life significantly easier. Based on this need, we have prepared a list of the most useful calendar applications, including an application developed by a Turkish father and son, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Taking note of both daily and business plans, can make it extremely easy It is one of the habits. While some of us record these in the notebook in the old way, some of us benefit from the blessings of technology and use our computers or smartphones. calendar apps we are using.

We can handle these things really easily on both Android and iOS platforms, even more features than a calendar There are applications that offer. We are also for you, Turkish developers among them also presented We have listed 5 different calendar applications for you.


At the top of the list, prepared by Turkish developers and who managed to attract attention in a short time Notagenda application is included. The first purpose of the application is to calendar and agenda service presenting, integrating note taking and calendar usage. In addition to these, the application has many features. to be a comprehensive assistant can succeed.

One of Notagenda’s original features “Copy basket”. This feature allows users to add the words they want from another application to the basket and then add the texts to the basket. to be able to paste in the order they want allows. Thanks to the internet browser embedded in the note screen, users can access the texts they are looking for without leaving the application, and the texts they choose one click can throw it in the basket.

Notagenda is available with a swipe where users can collect all their notes under different categories. Category Side Bar also have the feature. Apart from that, they can color the notes, add password to notes and thanks to the search bar to the desired note quickly they can reach.

Developed by a father and son, this application was recently made available to Android users, but Notagenda’s recently to the iOS platform expected to arrive. Here You can reach the application on Android by clicking.

Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar

Both iOS as well as Android Available free of charge on platforms such as Wave Calendar, Google, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange and Facebook can be paired with frequently used applications every day and in this way, all your plans and events under one roof you can collect

The worst part of this application where you can mark an event you want with different colors, Does not offer Turkish language support. However, if you just want to collect my weekly or monthly schedules, let all the upcoming events appear on a single page and get a notification when necessary, it is a good idea to look at Wave Calendar.

Womanlog Calendar

womanlog calendar

Womanlog Calendar, as the name suggests mostly concerns women an application. Thanks to this application, you can record menstrual cycles in the calendar and 3-month menstrual cycle summary in one page can be viewed.

Womanlog, also A helpful guide for women before and during pregnancy is happening. The application can also be integrated with the Health application on iPhone and offers Turkish language support to both Android and iOS users. To download the application on Android here, You can click here to download it on iOS.



iOS offered free of charge to users on the platform, Calendar.AI with plain and simple design offers ease of use. Application that allows data to be matched with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar, to make weekly and daily plans allows.

Some of the most loved aspects of the app are users’ Creating a custom URL for events and a specific location for each event can be placed.

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets


The last application in the list is DigiCal Calendar & Widgets, only available to Android users an application. Providing widgets, maps, weather forecasts, atmospheric pressure and humidity information, this application is also country-based public holidays is showing.

The application that makes location-based reminders, when you come to a certain area by notification of what activity you have there is showing. Here You can download the application by clicking.

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