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3.2 Billion Email ID and Password Revealed

by tenderpuls

A cybersecurity analytics company announced that 3.2 billion different email IDs and passwords were shared on a hack forum. There is currently no information about the origin and location of this attack.

We have told you many times about cyber security before. We talked about the stealing of user data in various ways, and now we are here with a new one. Different different in a hacking forum 3.2 billion email IDs and passwords shared.

Although many hacks, data leaks occur, it should be a very frightening number of 3.2 billion. Confidential e-mail IDs and passwords due to this incident drew much more attention.

The source of the attack is unknown

This attack, Compilation of Many Breaches (Multiple Vulnerability Compilation, CoMB) label received. CyberNews, the security company that revealed this vulnerability, added the e-mail addresses in question to the “Personal Data Leak Checker” index. You can check whether your e-mail addresses are exposed from this index.

Currently, the location of this attack and by whom it was carried out is unknown. This attack was carried out with a similar attack in 2017. may have the same origin is being considered.

In 2020, there was a big increase in online content, especially in the business world. Many people used cloud storage for their personal data and important documents. In CoMB attacks, these types of storage areas are scanned and attackers can access online environments with the personal data they obtain. buying processes they can.


Google Pays $ 6.7 Million to Hackers and Researchers Finding Vulnerabilities in 2020

It is recommended that users use multi-factor authentication in their e-mail identities to ensure the security of their personal data. In this way, less worry about security can be achieved. Whether your e-mail address has been revealed or not from the CyberNews index we mentioned above or haveibeenpwned You can check it from sites like.

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