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What Awaits the Audience in Season Two of Ragnarok?

by tenderpuls

Ragnarok, enchanting everyone with its first season, is preparing to meet with the audience again with a new season. So what awaits us in the second season? We have gathered all we know for you.

One of Netflix’s original productions Of ragnarok The first season met with the audience last year. Sequence, Norse mythology It was able to attract the attention of many people because it was the subject and also gave messages about environmental problems.

What do we know about Ragnarok, whose second season is coming in May? What awaits us in Ragnarok season 2? Here is all we know …

Ragnarok season two trailer:

The god of Scandinavian mythology, who entered popular culture especially with lMArvel films Thor comes to life in the body of a humble teenager named Magne, and battles against another mythological enemy, Jutul Industrie. These events occur when Magne and her family move to the Norwegian town of Edda.

The Jutul family portray themselves as wonderful and trouble-free individuals in the people in their new city, but this is not the case at all. The Jutullar, one of Norway’s richest families, Of edda town play a big role in contamination. The Ragnarok series is connected with mythology and reflected with climate crises It can be summarized as a mixture of new and old.

When will Ragnarok season 2 air?

The first season of Ragnarok met the audience in March 2020. The second season of the Norwegian-made series will meet with its audience on May 27, although the shooting is a little delayed due to the pandemic. The next new season is like the first season 6 parts will occur.

Who are in the cast of the new season?


Netflix has confirmed that all of Ragnarok’s characters from the previous season will be in the new season. He even gave clues about a few characters. Making its name known outside of Norway, thanks to the series David Stakston, He returns as Thor in the second season. Jonas Strand Gravli will continue to play Magne’s brother.

Henriette Steenstrup, who also plays the mother of two brothers, will also appear in the new season. Some of the characters that come to mind when we think of Ragnarok are undoubtedly members of the Jutul family. Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, On the way back as the daughter of the Jutul familyHerman Tømmeraas will reenact the family’s son.


The head teacher of the high school also plays Theresa and Herman’s mother Synnøve Macody Lund will also be in the new season squad. The father of the Jutul family and leader of Jötunn, who is wondering if he will return as the first season ended with an in-air finale for his character. Gísli Örn Garðarsson It was stated that it will take place in the new season.

In addition to all these names, Netflix has announced that there are new characters added to the cast. However, no information was released other than the names of the new characters. These new names; Vebjørn Enger (With the character Jens), Benjamin helstad (With the character Harry), Billie Barker (As Signy), Jesper Malm (Odd Moland), last but not least Espen Sigurdsen Includes (Halvor Lange) character.

What will we see in the second season of Ragnarok?

Season two

In the first season finale of Ragnarok, the character Magne battled the giant Vidar, who eventually became the father and leader of the Jutul family. In the moment when everyone is desperate, Magne Thor’s power could call. He summoned Vidar to have a lightning strike him and Vidar after an intense effort to defeat him.

Lightning did not kill Magne, but left him unconscious. Event Of Vidar However, it was difficult to say anything about his character, because the season finale is about the fate of his character. uncertain somehow it ended. According to Netflix’s statement, it seems that we will see how it will affect them in the new season, as the Vidar character will be with us in the second season.

What awaits

The character Magne, who is not aware of what happened to him in the first season, seems to realize some things about himself this season. We will witness that he tries to come to terms with what he can do with the powers he has. The Magne character also means that other people have supernatural abilities and Norse creatures will also investigate the possibility of it happening.

Netflix for the new season of Ragnarok ‘conflicts are harder and more focused on evil’ stated his statements. He also underlined that we will witness the elections becoming more desperate.

Social media posts about the second season from Ragnarok players:

Once the cast of Ragnarok has been announced, the players will be on their social media accounts. about the new season They shared. The posts they made excited many lovers and made them curious for the new season.

With the second season to the series newcomer one of the characters Billie Barkershared this with his followers. Thanks to the sharing of new characters, the audience of the series can make predictions about these characters.

On May 27 with its second season preparing to meet the audience again Ragnarokis eagerly awaited by everyone. He was able to attract attention to his subject. Thanks to this success, he received the approval of the second season in a short time. The viewers of the series say they are looking forward to what will happen in the second season and what awaits them.

We tried to convey what we know about the second season of Ragnarok. We hope it was an enjoyable reading. Are you also among those waiting for Ragnarok with excitement? We are waiting for your views on the series in the comments section. If you like this and similar content, stay tuned to Webtekno.

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