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The description of the feature to hide likes from Instagram

by tenderpuls

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, made a statement about the feature of hiding likes in a video post he made on social media accounts. Mosseri also apologized for ‘accidentally’ testing this feature on many more people recently.

Instagram recently introduced a new feature. The number of participation in live broadcasts has been increased from two to four people ‘Live Rooms‘We also encountered a problem the day we came across this feature named’. Many users’ likes on Instagram were hidden. Although it is thought that the feature of hiding the likes, which has been on the road for a long time, is finally coming, soon after Statement from Instagram clarified the situation.

Instagram was ‘accidental’ that this was ‘accidental’ and when posting new features, Instagram had to accidentally hide the likes still in the testing phase. for many more people He stated that they put it into use. Then the problem was resolved and the like numbers returned. Now he is the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri He made a statement on the subject and apologized for this glitch and talked about the progress of the dislike feature.

Instagram continues to work on the hide likes feature:

Mosseri clarified the situation with a video he posted on his social media accounts, The feature of hiding likes is on their agenda and stated that they continue to work on this feature. The fate of this feature, which has been on the agenda for more than a year and has been tested for a long time, was not clear and users started to think that the feature would not come.

However, according to the statement made by Mosseri, Instagram had to stop working on the dislike feature in 2020 due to the suddenly changing agenda. The team working on the feature, support for small businesses due to the pandemic, reaching the right information While focusing on such issues, studies have been carried out on the platform, as the problem of racism came back to the agenda in the USA. This is due to the sudden changing agenda of the team. shelve the property for a while caused. Now, work has begun on the feature of hiding likes again.


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According to Mosseri’s statement, the team used the feature of hiding likes in a way.optional’ and plans to let those who want to show the number of likes by making it a personal preference. What will be the final version of the feature and what will change in Instagram at the point reached, we will see this all together.

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