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Ronaldo’s Social Media Follower Count Exceeds 500 Million

by tenderpuls

The number of followers of C. Ronaldo, the star football player of Juventus, one of the Italian teams, on all social media platforms has exceeded 500 million. With the incident, the Portuguese star managed to become the first name to reach half a billion followers in different social media.

Portuguese football player, one of the living legends of football history Cristiano RonaldoApart from what he does in the green fields, he is also a big magazine figure. Star actress who managed to stay on the agenda with her wealth, expensive expenses and private life, of social media is one of the most popular names.

This reputation of the Portuguese star is also reflected in social media accounts. So much so that he was on his Instagram account recently 250 million followers achieved a first in this field. Now the number of followers on all social media platforms 500 million Cristiano Ronaldo broke another record.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s number of followers on all platforms has exceeded 500 million:

Cristiano Ronaldo, as of today Instagram, Facebook and twitter in your accounts 500 million followers managed to pass. The number of followers of Ronaldo, the first name to reach such a large number on social media, is as follows:

  • Facebook: 148 million
  • Instagram: 262 million
  • Twitter: 91 million

Social media earns more than football:

36-year-old Ronaldo, who won the Champions League Cup 5 times, was one of the Italian Seria A clubs in recent years. To Juventus had been transferred. Annual with the Italian team 30 million euro The star football player, who has agreed to continue to add wealth to his wealth with social media revenues.


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According to the reports, Ronaldo will have an approximate number per post for each sponsored post on Instagram in 2019 971 thousand pounds won. Your star name is only from Instagram a year From 50 million dollars it is thought to generate excess income.

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