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OnePlus Nord LE Announced

by tenderpuls

OnePlus announced the OnePlus Nord LE, one of the company’s PR projects, which will be produced only 1 and gifted to one of OnePlus fans with the draw.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlusAlthough, compared to its competitors, it has a narrow product range and a relatively small user base, the technology manages to attract the attention of the world with the interesting projects it has put forward. OnePlus, finally Nord LE announced a “special” smartphone named “special” and raised a big question mark in the minds of technology enthusiasts.

Before anything else; Note that the OnePlus Nord LE is not exactly a “new” smartphone. The device was announced in the middle of last year. OnePlus Nord It has exactly the same technical features as. So what exactly is OnePlus Nord LE and What is the feature that causes him to get the “LE” jewelry?

According to the statement made by OnePlus, OnePlus Nord LE, Only 1 will be produced. In other words, Nord LE is not with its technical features. a “special” phone with number of productions it will be. We’ve seen a few hundred or a few thousand limited-edition smartphones hit the market, but we can say that OnePlus has added a new dimension to the term “limited edition” with Nord LE.

OnePlus Nord LE, not found in the original OnePlus Nord, a special yellow-blue transition back surface will have the design. In addition, the design of the back surface is not as shiny as in the original Nord, it is more in a soft and comfortable fit it will be. Since there will be only 1 device in the world, probably none of us will have the opportunity to touch and experience this surface.

The most interesting detail about the OnePlus Nord LE is that this device is not available for sale. draw to be given with. Contest participation from Turkey satisfies unknown but in any case not provided the following if you want to try your luck you must meet the conditions;

  • OnePlus Nord Follow her Instagram account.
  • Take a photo of your current smartphone and share it as a post on Instagram.
    • You need to use the #SwitchToNord tag in the post description and explain why you want to upgrade your phone to OnePlus Nord.

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