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Facebook Bars: Are You Ready to Rap?

by tenderpuls

Ready to make some very tight Rap tracks? Bars, Facebook’s first application to rival TikTok, was released as a beta. With the release of Bars, Facebook’s new application, the first videos started to appear.

It is really hard to be a popular social media application in the world. FacebookIf you get caught on ‘s radar and don’t sell your app to Facebook, it’s very likely that you will immediately encounter a terrible competitor.

On Instagram TikTok Facebook restricting the sharing of videos with the logo, on Friday Barsannounced. A very fun application candidate for rap lovers Bars You will be able to create and publish your rap tracks on it.

Promote your parts in 60 seconds:

Rap, which has become one of the most popular music styles in the world in recent years, FacebookIt is one of the areas that will want to invest in. You can post your rap tracks on Bars and wait to be liked by users or Bars “phenomenonYou can become ”. You can write your own lyrics using beats prepared for Bars and share your 60-second clips. Indoor studio environment is quite expensive to set up, so especially for musicians with equipment difficulties Bars It will be very useful.


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Coronavirus As a result of the closure of the venues, there is little space left for musicians to make themselves heard. Bars will become an application that will pave the way for rap artists. The application will provide its users with the options to make music at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. You can use ready-made flows or Freestyle you will be able to.

The application can only use for iOS:

The application is for now iOS has been published on the platform. For a while Android users will not be able to access the application. ClubhouseOf course, it’s a pretty bad experience for users whose tongue is spoken from, but soon after the app Android We have absolutely no doubt that it will come to the platform.


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As we can see from the sample Bars videos posted on Instagram, Facebook’s first plan to end TikTok has emerged. Mark zuckerbergSuch good developments occur as a result of the inability of Turkey to tolerate competing platforms. This time the winner is “rap artists”Was.

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