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4 Tips to Make You Play CS: GO Better

by tenderpuls

Being successful in CS: GO is something every player wants. However, not everyone can be very successful in the famous FPS game for various reasons. Today, we offer you 4 tips that will help you become a better FPS player, suggested by the famous CS: GO player Ankit Panth.

Considered one of India’s most successful CS: GO players for the past few years Ankit PanthWhat needs to be done to become a better CS: GO player 4 important gave a hint. These tips, which can be easily applied for those who want to improve their goals in the game, will improve over time. better CS: GO can make you become a player.

The famous FPS game CS: GO, which is popularly played in our country as well as in the world, enables players to improve their skill level. Now let’s give you the 4 tips that Ankit Panth suggests that will help you become a better CS: GO player.

4 tips to better play CS: GO:

Play a warm-up match


Ankit, before every competitive match, your aiming skills He suggests entering a warm-up match to sharpen it. This way, you will be able to train your eyes on targets. Ankit, “I always warm up by playing deathmatch offline on the map named “aim_botz” before playing a competitive game. Helps you find your destination” said.

Improve your muscle memory

Speed ​​is very important in FPS style games. For this too muscle memory is necessary. Ankit, on this subject, “If you play Counter-Strike enough, I don’t think you will keep your eyes on the ‘+’ sign. I do not do it if you are a city. If you improve muscle memory, the + sign will automatically move towards an enemy as soon as you see it.”He made a statement as.

To develop muscle memory in CS: GO, you need a large, smooth mouse pad. You have to train yourself by moving your hand smoothly and comfortably on this mouse pad. In this way, the + sign can start to be unimportant for you.

Establish your aim strategy


Generally two types in CS: GO aim strategy has. The first of these; Allows you to keep your + sign at a specific point, even when moving. The other is, which allows you to move your sight very quickly between target points. Flick aim movement. Flick Aim is an important way to improve muscle memory. The best way to fit your aim strategy, aim_botz style is often practiced on maps.

Use bending more effectively


If you want to be a good CS: GO player, you know you aim more clearly when you bend over. Ankit, “When you start shooting in CS: GO, make sure you use your bullet-reduction perks” said. Tilting can significantly reduce bullet dispersal as well as increase your defense. Most of the players against you sightwill always be at your head level. Bowing down can surprise your opponent.


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According to professional CS: GO player Ankit Panth, these are some things you should pay attention to in order to be a better player. Well, what do you think about this subject? What should be considered to be a good CS: GO player? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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